Metrics Background

The Congressional District Health Dashboard allows you to see where all congressional districts across the U.S. stand on over 35 measures of health and factors affecting health across five areas: Health Behaviors, Social and Economic Factors, Physical Environment, Health Outcomes, and Clinical Care. These metrics and categories align with those used in the City Health Dashboard, a well-known data platform that provides data at the city and neighborhood level.

Data are sourced by our team at NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Department of Population Health from federal, state, and other datasets with rigorous standards for collection and analysis. The Dashboard team chose these measures, with guidance from expert advisors, because they are actionable, they are updated regularly, and they are backed by evidence. Below, you will find information on each metric including a metric description, why it matters for health, data source, years of data, how the measure is calculated, and more.

Health Outcomes

Social and Economic Factors

Physical Environment

Breast Cancer Deaths

Broadband Connection

Air Pollution - Particulate Matter

Cardiovascular Disease Deaths

Children in Poverty

Housing with Potential Lead Risk

Colorectal Cancer Deaths

High School Completion

Lead Exposure Risk Index

COVID Local Risk Index

Income Inequality


Neighborhood Racial/Ethnic Segregation

Firearm Homicides

Racial/Ethnic Diversity

Clinical Care

Firearm Suicides

Rent Burden

Dental Care

Frequent Mental Distress


Prenatal Care

Frequent Physical Distress

Preventive Services, 65+

High Blood Pressure

Health Behavior

Routine Checkup, 18+

Life Expectancy

Binge Drinking


Low Birthweight

Physical Inactivity



Opioid Overdose Deaths

Teen Births

Premature Deaths